About ATIR

We are passionate about style…….. and recognize, the No. 1 secret to great style is, of course, a good foundation and so the story of ATIR began. Try as we might, we could not find that elusive piece, it rolled down, it rolled up, it was too hot, it was too uncomfortable, there had to be a solution……..suddenly an idea hit us, why don’t we do it ourselves. As you know, we Irish love our comfort while looking very stylish and so after much blood, sweat, tears and toil the first Irish Design was created. We obsessed about everything from the combination of the material, the cut, right to the stitching detail.

Our first sale brought us great excitement and this was followed by lots of orders for this ‘nylon free’ product from family and friends and friends of friends and their friends. The boutiques began to show an interest in the product and so the dream was becoming a reality.

However, as we like the idea of dealing directly with our customers the logical thing to do was set up our own exclusive online store. That way we can continue to give the personal touch to our new and existing customers in an electronic way. Over the last 12 years hard work and continuous development of our product and lots of encouragement from you our customers enables us to go from strength to strength with seals of approval from style guru and TV presenter Sonya Lennon, journalist and TV presenter Maura Derrane to name but a few.

We have been featured on ‘Off the Rails, Four Live, Xpose, Ireland AM and the Today Show where it has been received very well.

We have received excellent feedback from our customers and this has helped us to grow and develop our products more. Feedback is a great way to find out what our customer really wants.

ATIR Shapewear is always very exciting for us as we continue to grow and develop and for that, we owe a big thank you to our customers and supporters.

Hopefully, you too will come to know and love our products and return to visit our website from time to time.