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Without good foundation, there can be no style.
Shapewear Tips

Shapewear Tips

Choose the Toner for all over body shaping.

Ensure Comfort

That means make sure the undergarment has a reasonable percentage of Lycra. It’s a fabric that makes clothes stretch and comfortable.

Also, if you like having the freedom to move your legs around a lot, then opt for shorts instead of slip

Avoid buying body shapers in a smaller size just so you can be tightened enough or to achieve a better result. Instead, select your correct size based on your body size (generally going by your jeans/skirt/pants size gives you the best indication.

If your measurements are in the limit of two sizes I suggest you select the biggest size.

If are a Pear Shape (bum heavy – and smaller on top, and you’re having difficulties choosing a size for a body suit, I suggest you take pick the Toner is the best option for you.

Tips provided by ATIR Shapewear Founder, Rita Mylett